Buy 3D planner

Please find hereby a simple solution for your business profit markup – online furniture 3D planner. By using it, you will be able to design kitchens, sliding-door wardrobes, closets, office furniture for your customers just in a few clicks, or give your customers the opportunity to do this on their own on your website.
How does online planner work?
A customer/manager creates 3D visualization of a kitchen (furniture) on your website, gets an immediate cost calculation and enters into a purchase order at once. Don’t lose customers, connect our services right away!


Here are the advantages of connecting online 3D planner
increase of sales and functional shift from “visitor” to “purchaser” – a customer gets a realistic image of a would-be kitchen quickly and as a result, it is easier to make a final decision about a purchase from you, and, not your business rivals;
attract new customers – reach the segment of customers, who want to design a kitchen on their own;
optimization of manager’s performance – a project with cost calculation can be done just within 5-10 minutes. It means a manager can sell more instead of spending time on estimation and visualization;
development of dealer network – a human-friendly tool for dealer work and price management;
public image as an innovative company, which introduces modern technologies for the convenience of customers;
Realistic image
Due to the latest 3D technologies, a project looks like a photograph of an existing kitchen.
Feel free to try different materials – project cost will be automatically recalculated;
To show a project to a customer, just send the link;
You need an agreement or a quote? Click the button – and here they are;
If you started a project on your work computer, you can always finish it at home;
Open the project any time and with any device, all changes will be saved.
Calculate kitchen elements as you consider to be more convenient
fronts – per item or by square meters;
cabinets - per item or by specification of material consumption;
linear materials – by linear meters or per item, taking into account the length;
sheet materials - add waste coefficient or round off the consumption up to sheets.
create a line of cabinets with our cabinet modificator;
upload your own front models;
visualize patina, select its color;
configure an individual carcases collection;
configure the planner for other furniture – bedrooms, children's room, living rooms, closet systems.
Project exporting into engineering software CabinetVision, 3D-Constructor;
Lead creation in CRM-systems;
Synchronization via API with an online shop or accounting software to update prices and download purchase requisitions.
Additional income
Do you want to sell appliances together with furniture? Just upload the price into the online planner.
Versions                                                                                                             Business               Ultimate
Sessions (Successful launch and getting started in the planner)                     10 000                   100 000
Company customization                                                                                     v                             v
Creation of own materials and models                                                               v                             v
Saving a project scene into the file                                                                     v                             v
E-mail notifications                                                                                              v                             v
Reports (invoice/quote, specification)                                                                v                             v
Reports customization                                                                                        v                             v
Multilanguage capability                                                                                      -                              v
Free technical support                                                                                        -                              20hours
Connecting of a dealer module                                                                           v                              v
First priority of technical support                                                                        Normal                    High
Tariff                                                                                                                    300$/month             3000$/month
Additional services provided by technical specialists
Further software development according to requirements of your company    -   30$/hour
Product customization according to requirements of your company                 -  15$/ hour