Company IDEA is a owned and operated design studio, internet shop and furniture manufacturing. In this section you can see the latest news of our company. 

A simple solution for create furniture – online furniture 3D plannerDue to the latest 3D technologies, a project looks like a photograph of an existing kitchen.


Entrance doors are the main obstacle on the way of intruders, therefore it is necessary to take it seriously. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the type of construction, the reliability of the materials and components used, the quality of the assembly. And only then pay attention to the appearance of the product. The main direction of our activity is the production of strong, durable entrance doors, as well as the supply of interior doors, for apartments, offices, private houses. We have been manufacturing reliable entrance doors for 14 years using the best components. In our catalog there is a huge selection of products, diverse in design, finishing and price. Each series is different materials used, bundled and designed. In addition to finished products, we offer the manufacture of custom-made doors, taking into account the individual wishes of the client - dimensions, material, appearance. The use of European technologies and experience allowed us to produce high-quality MDF doors that will withstand all weather conditions and save their aesthetic appearance for a long time. Also on our site you can see the models of doors in 3D.

Using 3D simulator, you can view not only photos of doors, but also their 3D models.